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What is Canvas Catalog?

The courses in the GOCSD Canvas Catalog or asynchronous, access on your time frame, and progress your own pace content. There are no deadlines or time constraints.

How can I access Canvas Catalog?

Don’t have Canvas at your school?  No problem!  All GOCSD Members can access the free Canvas Catalog of professional learning resources by following these simple steps:

STEP 1:  Visit GOCSD’s Canvas Catalog.

STEP 2:  Click on the course you want to access.

STEP 3:  Click the Enroll button.

STEP 4:  Follow the prompts to create an account with your school email. (This will only need to be done one time)

STEP 5:  Access courses you have enrolled in from the GOCSD Canvas site.

You can return to the Catalog to enroll in additional courses at any time, clicking the link “Sign-in here” to enter your GOCSD Canvas account credentials.

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Preview GOCSD Canvas Catalog Offerings

Here are a few of the courses that you will find in our free GOCSD Canvas Catalog.

Canvas Tutorials
Designing Project-Based Learning

Guided Reading Support

Google Boot Camp

Dynamic Instruction

Writers’ Workshop Support

On-demand Webinar Archive

Here is our archive of free on-demand webinars. The archive will include a recording of the webinar and links to shared resources. If you don’t have a free GOCSD Canvas account, follow the steps above to create one. Then you will be able to access any of the courses in our catalog. Your District does not have to use Canvas for you to be able to utilize these resources. Watch for tweets about newly posted on-demand sessions.

Equitable and Inclusive Teaching Practices in Virtual Environments

by Dr. Nichole Lemmon

Feedback, Communication, Relationships: Oh My!

by Dr. Nichole Lemmon

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