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Executive Director
Dennis Cooper

Professional Learning Coordinator
Cindy Bryant

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3349 S Hillsboro Ave
Springfield, MO 65804

Dr. Dennis Cooper

Dr. Dennis Cooper

Executive Director

Dr. Dennis Cooper is Executive Director of the Greater Ozarks Cooperating School Districts (GOCSD). Dr. Cooper has 42 years experience in education. He served 25 years as a school superintendent as well as 12 years with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). His expertise is in leadership development.

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Cindy Bryant

Cindy Bryant

Professional Learning Coordinator

Cindy was a classroom teacher for 25 years, a Missouri STARR teacher, served as the former Director of K – 12 Mathematics for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and most recently served as the Director of Learning for LearnBop, a digital mathematics programs for grades K – 12. She is a former member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Board of Directors, Past President of the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and was named a 1996 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. In addition to presenting on her topics of interest – mathematics teaching and learning, brain based learning, productive struggle, and growth mindset – at numerous national, regional, and state conferences, she was the lead presenter for the 2014 Algebraic Thinking institute training for Math Specialists (MSIS) in Singapore. She continues to serve on various committees for professional organizations at both the national and state level.

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Affiliate Membership Form

During the 2014-15 school year a small group of Southwest Missouri superintendents began the discussion of forming a Southwest Regional School District consortium. These discussions continued and the group began to grow. In the Spring of 2015, eleven school districts agreed to form a Cooperative of School Districts.

The Organization was named The Greater Ozarks Cooperating School Districts (GOCSD). The GOCSD By-Laws were approved and the State of Missouri recognized the Organization as a “Not for Profit Educational Service Agency”.

The 2015-16 school year was GOCSD’s first year as an organization, and by the end of the year, 28 member districts were represented. Currently, the GOCSD represents 55+ school districts representing nearly 105,000 students and growing. The GOCSD consists of rural, suburban, and urban communities representing districts with enrollments of less than 50 up to 25,000 students. Please visit our website at to see a list of districts.

The GOCSD exists to serve member districts by promoting collaboration of resources to ensure educational opportunities are maximized. Member districts are committed to the advancement of educational opportunities for students served at all educational levels within the Ozarks.

When the need arises, and agreement exists, GOCSD allows school districts from our region to speak as one voice on major issues that impact our districts and communities. The GOCSD provides a single contact point for gathering information, exploring new projects, sharing best practices, and developing business opportunities on a regional scale.

As a result of our rapid and continued growth, the tremendous success of our goals, and the commitments of member districts, GOCSD is able to offer AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIPS to organizations and vendors.

Benefits of membership include:
  • Partnerships with the school districts and people with whom you desire to do business
  • Heightened awareness of  your organization; its products and services
  • Placement of your name on publications that are actually read and seen by district decision maker
  • A link to your organization on the GOCSD website
  • Affiliation with, and participation in, major GOCSD events
  • Opportunities to communicate directly with education leaders 
  • Priority sponsorship opportunities at our premier Innovation Summit and other major GOCSD activities

Membership is your “letter of introduction” to 55+ (and growing) GOCSD school districts.

Affiliate membership does not imply endorsement by GOCSD for an affiliate’s programs or services. Affiliate membership will be awarded by board action. Membership will give those who work with, support, and seek to do business with GOCSD member districts, a point of connection and involvement with GOCSD’s mission and beliefs.

Basic Membership – $500.00 per year
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